All of your questions- answered.

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1. "How much is a tour?" - Each and every tour is just $4.99!

2. "What kind of device can I take the tour on?" - Each tour is available for Android devices. The tours can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

3. "What kind of content is inside the tour?" - Each tour contains an easy to use map with suggested route, an audio recording for each stop, historical pictures for certain sites, current photos of each site, and a timeline of important events.

4. "What's the difference between your tour and other self guided tours?" - The major difference between us and other audio tours, is that you take our tour on your own mobile device. Because the application is downloaded directly onto your device, you can take the tour whenever you want! If you want to split the tour up over multiple days, take it multiple times, or get an early start to your day, it's no problem!

5. "Does the tour need an Internet connection?" - The only time the tour needs a connection to the Internet is when you download it from your device's app store. The tour was specially designed with mobile data limits and roaming charges in mind, thus it does NOT need a constant Internet connection. We suggest when traveling internationally that you download the tour before you leave home, or use a WiFi connection so you can be sure to not be charged roaming fees.

6. "I'm looking for a tour of a certain city, do you offer one?" - We are constantly expanding and adding more tours. Check out our main page for upcoming tour news, or follow us on social media!

7. "I have a question that's not listed here. What should I do?" - If you have any questions, please contact us.