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Why tour with us?

Why tour with us

Smart Walking Tours are mobile tour applications that you download right to your smartphone! Each tour brings you to an area's most popular attractions so you'll learn about the significance of a variety of sites! No more having to travel in big tour groups, and risk missing out on what the guide said!

Tour value

At $4.99, Smart Walking Tours are the best value tour around! Other self guided walking tours charge over $20 per person, and require you to carry their equipment, which is also due back before the close of business. Not so with a Smart Walking Tour!

Tour stops

Each Smart Walking Tour tour stop includes a rich audio narrative that explains the significance of the site, a timeline of important events, and modern and historical pictures! A tour map showing the location of each site is built in, and the app works completely offline.

Tour convenience

Feel like sleeping in? No problem. Staying out late? Why not! You can tour on your own schedule, at your own pace. There's no time limit on the tour, and you can even break it up over multiple days! Missed something? Take the tour again and again!

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Tour Cities

Smart Walking Tours is always expanding! Currently we offer tours in the following cities:

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Alcazar HotelMiami Beach Art DecoMiami Freedom TowerSt. Augustine City GatesSagamore Hotel South BeachGesu Chuch MiamiMemorial Presbyterian ChurchCardozo HotelPalm CottagePonce de Leon HotelJoe's Stone CrabsMiami CircleXimenez Fatio HouseEspanola WaySecurity Building

About Smart Walking Tours

Founded in 2013, Smart Walking Tours is a technology based tourism company that specializes in smart phone walking tour applications. Offering tours in cities across the country, each tour highlights important sites, history and people, along with elements like architecture and nature.

For just $4.99 each, users can download a tour from their device's app store. We support Android devices. Because the tour is downloaded to the user's device, they can take the tour whenever they want, and as many times as they want. Additionally, users can start and stop the tour as they choose. Smart Walking Tours were designed with data limits and roaming charges in mind, and therefore only require an Internet connection when being downloaded from the app store.

In addition to offering our own line of tours, Smart Walking Tours provides custom tour services for towns, museums, and other attractions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

About Smart Walking Tours