St. Augustine

16 of the most exciting sites in St. Augustine, all for one low price.

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St. Augustine

List of Tour Sites

The St. Augustine Smart Walking Tour brings you to all the popular sites at a fraction of the price! Click on each site below to learn more about it:

  • St. Francis Barracks

    St. Francis Barracks

    Originally home to a church and monastery, the St. Francis Barracks can trace its history back to 1588.

  • Oldest House

    Oldest House

    Not only one of the oldest buildings in St. Augustine, the Oldest House is also one of the oldest tourist attractions in the city.

  • Ximenez-Fatio House

    Ximenez-Fatio House

    One of the most well preserved buildings in all St. Augustine, the Ximenez-Fatio House is rich in history, character, and charm.

  • Military Hospital

    Military Hospital

    A replica of the old Spanish military hospital that once stood on these grounds, the Spanish Military Hospital Museum brings guests back to the late 1700's and recreates what patients experience at that time.

  • Castillo de San Marco

    Castillo de San Marco

    Started in 1672, Castillo de San Marco is an icon of St. Augustine, and helped protect it for over 150 years.

  • City Gates

    City Gates

    Built and repaired many times throughout the years, the City Gates hold a very prominent place in St. Augustine history.

  • Old Wooden Schoolhouse

    Old Wooden Schoolhouse

    Located on historic St. George Street, the Old Wooden Schoolhouse is one of the oldest buildings in all of St. Augustine.

  • Pena-Peck House

    Pena-Peck House

    Named for two residents of the home, the Pena-Peck house was built around 1750 at the request of the King of Spain.

  • Cathedral Basilica

    Cathedral Basilica

    Although the Cathedral Basilica building you see before you today was completed in 1797, Catholicism in St. Augustine can trace its roots back over 200 years, when in 1594, the first Cathedral Basilica was established.

  • Plaza de la Constitucion

    Plaza de la Constitucion

    Established in 1573 by Spanish order, Plaza de la Constitucion is not only the centerpiece of St. Augustine, but is also the oldest park in the United States.

  • Trinity Parish

    Trinity Parish

    Built in 1831, Trinity Parish's roots can be traced back 10 years earlier when a group of Protestant worshippers came together and formed what is now the oldest Protestant congregation in Florida.

  • Casa Monica

    Casa Monica

    Franklin Smith, who also owned Villa Zorayda just up the street, got to work in 1885, and drafted plans for a grand hotel that would be constructed out of a new material, poured concrete.

  • Alcazar Hotel & The Lightner Museum

    Alcazar Hotel & The Lightner Museum

    The Alcazar, Henry Flagler's second hotel in St. Augustine, began construction in 1887, and officially opened in 1888.

  • Ponce de Leon Hotel

    Ponce de Leon Hotel

    Built by Henry Flagler, the Ponce de Leon opened on January 10, 1888, and was considered one of the finest hotels in the entire world.

  • Memorial Presbyterian

    Memorial Presbyterian

    Perhaps the most iconic of all churches in St. Augustine, Memorial Presbyterian was opened in 1890, and funded by Henry Flagler.

  • Grace United Methodist

    Grace United Methodist

    Standing at its current location since 1887, Grace United's beginning can be traced back 7 years earlier when George Atkins from New Jersey came to town and began a small congregation in the Florida House Hotel.

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